In love with a ghost I(a true story)

I met him on the phone, he had called to offer me his help in relation to a service offered in his workplace, he seemed very friendly and attentive. We started talking about business, then we continued talking about more personal issues. From the first day I heard his voice I had the idea that he was a perfect man. I liked his ability to listen to me, he showed me interest, his sense of humor, the way he pronounced words, his accent, how tactful he was, his silences, his way of thinking, and his simplicity. Everything attracted me to him. We enjoyed hours talking, without noticing that time passed. When I saw him for the first time, I was speechless, I just sighed, I couldn’t believe it. I had never been so attracted to someone, it was an inexplicable sensation, but pleasant and delicious at the same time. That afternoon we spent hours talking about many things, projects, ideas, dreams and plans. In a moment, we ran out of words, his hand touched mine, I felt that I was shaking, I was afraid to try, I could not move, and he kissed me, although I did not reciprocate at first, and I tried to avoid him, I gave in.  5-10 minutes passed, and then I said that I had to leave (to avoid the almost inevitable), and so I left. That night when I got home, I hardly slept. There were so many images in my mind, so many emotions, sensations, and feelings in my heart and body, it was something strange for me. I was used to not feeling anything. It had been my daily routine that nothing exciting happened, boredom and more boredom were so normal to me that I no longer identified them as such. But something happened inside of me that night … Things did not stop there, the next day, he wrote me an early text to find out how I was doing, then he called me on the phone. Talking and texting everyday was becoming a habit, each time we were getting closer. After a while, we fell in love, we both wanted to be together forever, or so we thought.  Sometimes the hormones of falling in love make you think and get so attached to the other person, that you can do crazy things if you don’t wait for this effect to come down a little the tide or intensity of that process that everyone who falls in love goes through.

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