Are there still princes charming? Amando la vida/Loving life

for many years we have seen images of ideal relationships, which seem like a dream come true and we secretly begin to wish we had that for ourselves. We have seen them in movies, cartoons, fairy tales, and seen the lives of some celebrities. http://www.amandolavida.net
  1. Are there still princes charming?
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  4. Amando la vida/Loving life (Trailer)
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About Me

Hi, I’m Angie.

An entrepreneur, freelancer,

nature lover,accountant, bookkeeper, researcher, writer and a passionate servant of Christ. When I am not writing, I’m studying, cooking, podcasting, crafting, working, working out, and spending time with family and friends.

I love to write about the hope I found in my relationship with God through Jesus’s sacrifice at the cross.I share testimonies from my own personal story and experiences. I may also write interesting stories from people who gives me their permission. I also like to share topics that almost no one talks about, and studies from the Bible. It really impressed me the day I found out that I didn’t have to be perfect to have a relationship with God. I just had to be aware of my mistakes and how much I needed Him. And I just had to be broken and willing to give Him all my pieces. I want to live everyday with a purpose. Every time I get out of bed  my goal is to make someone smile, and let them know that they are loved.

For most part of my life I ignored the truth of God’s love and now that I know,  my whole being is getting consumed by the passion to know Him and make him known.


  • of food and sharing my favorites with you!
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