Are there still princes charming? Part I

This is a question that we are going to answer, but first we will talk about how we came to have that way of thinking that leads us to walk in search of the prince that has not been lost to us. It all starts with a programming that then creates an addiction. Our mind is constantly being bombarded and influenced by the images we see and things we hear on a daily basis. For example: for many years we have seen images of ideal relationships, which seem like a dream come true and we secretly begin to wish we had that for ourselves. We have seen them in movies, cartoons, fairy tales, and in the lives of some celebrities.  These programming’s, are creating emotional addictions, and all kinds of addictions that if we do not identify and deal with them can cause us many havocs, losses, sadness and all kinds of evil. An addiction is a chronic disease where there are interactions with circuits of the brain, genetics, environment and the experiences that people who suffer from them have lived. Getting these people involved in compulsive actions and harmful behaviors without considering the bad consequences.

An addiction demands something that we have already consumed in order to survive, and it can cease to exist and lose strength when we stop feeding it with what strengthens it. For example: a person who struggles with food if he ate 5 sandwiches a day has to start eating 4, then 3 (that is not a whole French bread please) and so on until his body gets used to the amount going down and getting used to less and less food until he gets to eat what his body needs without overeating.

A very interesting addiction is the addiction to the sensations produced by being in love with someone for the first time. This is because in the first 3 months of the infatuation stage there are 10 hormones that secrete certain chemicals similar to those of some narcotics, these hormones are:

1-dopamine, 2-norepinephrine and 3-adrenaline, 4-phenyletamine, 5-oxytocin, 6-endorphins, 7-acetylone

8-endovalium 9-gonadotropins and 10-serotonin.

Only one of these hormones has an amphetamine-like effect that causes euphoria, this is an intense joy, optimism and enthusiasm that prevents you from seeing mistakes or dangers. Which explains why  a person in love cannot see the defects of the loved one in those first months because he/she is practically drugged. for that reason Infatuation addicts are people who have romantic relationships that do not last more than 0-3 months, and in rare cases can go from 3-12 months.

As soon as the level of excitement and hormones is lowered, they go looking for someone new. They are addicted to the hormones of falling in love and cannot be alone, some prefer to be with people who, although they do not meet their requirements at least serve them to spend those 3 months until someone else appears. There are also addictions to caffeine, sugar, nicotine, social media, prescription drugs, anxiolytics, antidepressants and many more addictions.  What leads someone to fall into an addiction almost always has the same root and is rejection, feeling alone and that no one cares, having suffered abandonment and lack of love in childhood or any stage of life. On other occasions it can be idleness, having nothing to do and wanting to entertain yourself and feel a strong emotion for which you do not find the resources within yourself or around yourself in a healthy way. An example of healthy resources to cope with boredom and emotional pain is consuming Dark chocolate, practicing a hobby, and exercising helps us produce happiness hormones similar to falling in love, but there are people who do not know this and that is why they enter into behaviors that hurt them.  To be Continued…In part II of this topic, I will bring the conclusion and explain more of how a person can get out of addictions.

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