Are there still princes charming? Part II

To better understand this topic please read part I.

How can a person get out of an addiction? First the person must realize that what he/she is doing is wrong, and that he /she needs help to get out, and should seek the necessary support either by getting professional counseling, therapy or rehabilitation. For love addicts, if they want to be free, they will need professional help, and also, they need to learn to be alone and love and feel good about themselves, do a romantic relationship fast, which is the abstinence of these types of relationship for a certain period of time. They may also seek psychological and spiritual help as they may need it. The process of getting out of addictions hurts, it will not be easy because people will have to fight against the urgency that their bodies are going to demand more from what they used to give them. If your problem is that you don’t know how to say no, you will have to start practicing saying no and setting boundaries, even if people get angry, and you don’t worry or be affected by them getting angry. (This week I had to say no to several people and they got angry and that’s fine, they have the right to react, but I stayed firm and I didn’t let myself be manipulated, that’s called setting boundaries) It is valid to say no, that you will not lend them money, because it costs a lot for you to earn it. You can say that you will not receive people where you live, without giving explanations. When I say yes it means yes, and when I say no it is no.

There is an addiction that I have never heard of but that I have observed that exists, through extensive research, interviews, and experiences of my own and of people I have met closely I can affirm that it is a secret epidemic: The addiction to wishing fancifully perfect romantic relationships where everything ends up as in romantic movies, as Disney tales and as the lives of some celebrities. Because from an early age we have consumed many images of what apparently is a perfect relationship, with physically attractive actors and actresses, with white teeth, well combed hair, with a very good financial position, with perfect bodies, and apparently everything in order, we have become accustomed to that illusion that this is how relationships should be. And because of this many times we choose badly, we choose a person for his/her appearance, for his/her financial position, for what others expect, for what people are going to say or think, and not for what we really want. Sadly  because our subconscious mind is tinted with that image of a prince charming or a pink princess. The hard truth is that these characters don’t exist in real life. A relationship in real life not only consists of romance, after the time of entering  in love passes (if there were entering in love), comes the clash of reality in which we see the other person more clearly with their virtues and defects, we decide to stay loving them with a feeling not so explosive, but a more stable and mature determination that will help us stay together when difficult situations, illnesses, and crises arise. The following message is especially for women who are expecting a prince charming:

• No man can make you happy, you have to seek to heal emotionally and be happy for yourself.

• You don’t need someone to come and rescue you, since Christ came already, seek him.

• You are valuable! Even when you don’t have a partner. God paid the highest price for you.

• Your life is in order, if not, organize it. No, you don’t need someone to come and fix it

• Men were never perfect princes, they are men of flesh and blood with defects just like women, everything you saw and heard on those movies and stories, was an illusion. 

• Not all men are the same, not all lie or deceive, but you must trust God and yourself so next time you will exercise discernment and fair judgment so that no one may harm you.

• It is not your responsibility to change any man, or to make him into a prince or someone he is not, and does not want to be.

Now I will answer the question: Are there still princes charming? No, they are none left. Because in real life they do not exist, but there is something better, someone who accepts us as we are with all our scars and imperfections and loves us with an everlasting love, when we get to know him, we will stop looking for the Prince Charming we have not lost and best of all is that He is not a prince, but a King. His name is Jesus Christ.  And yes, there are still men who could become our partners, and who are worth knowing, although perfect they are not, nor do they have to be, but when we heal our hearts, it is easier for us to discern what it is from what is not convenient for our lives.

“It is better to take refuge in the LORD

    than trusting people.

 It is better to take refuge in the LORD

    than trusting princes.” Psalm 118:8-9.

If you want to know Jesus, please say this prayer with me:

Heavenly Father, I repent wholeheartedly, I ask your forgiveness for my sins, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he died for my sins and rose again on the third day, and I ask that you receive me as your child and set me free from the fear of death, and I embrace your promise of life and eternal salvation for my whole being in you.  Because you love me and accept me and my value and my life come from you and the price you paid for me on the cross. Make me a new creature and fill my life with  your love, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

If you have made this prayer and need more information, write to us at

Thank you for existing!

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