Do not eat that I

Food in the natural realm.

There are businesses in our days creating foods that are genetically modified, knowing that this causes cancer in humans, they only care about the profits they will obtain. The term genetically modified refers to the alteration that occurs when changing the DNA of certain plants and foods, this in order to preserve them against certain pests, in other cases it is for their rapid multiplication. But in either case, these foods are damaging and altering human DNA, which was designed by God to feed on plants without having been modified. Due to genetic modifications, most of the foods we consume are causing autoimmune diseases. That is, the body begins to fight against itself by not being able to decipher the codes of these foods because they are not natural to it. Examples of autoimmune diseases are:

Alopecia areata, which causes hair loss in men and women.

Hemolytic anemia, which causes fatigue, dizziness, headache, heart problems, among others.

Rheumatoid arthritis that deforms muscles, bones and joints.

Primary biliary cirrhosis, causes the liver to harden and stop working.

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes, where the immune system attacks the cells that produce insulin, which is the necessary hormone to control blood sugar levels, causing insulin not to be produced, and consequently receiving damage to the eyes, the kidneys, gums, memory, and heart problems.

Overactive and underactive thyroid, which is the excessive or below normal production of thyroid hormones that regulate body temperature and weight, among other functions.

Multiple sclerosis, hepatitis, lupus, psoriasis, vitiligo, and many more.

 In the industry of producing and supplying food, they are taking something that is a basic need of the body, they are corrupting it and slowly with food they are weakening the immune system, causing inflammation, allergies, sleep disorders, hormonal problems and many others, thus killing to the human body ahead of time. Foods such as: corn or corn, which is used to sweeten different beverages and processed foods. It is also used to feed cows, pigs and chickens. There is soy, cotton that is also used to feed animals, potatoes, papaya or milk, summer squash, canola, alfalfa, apples, beets or sweet beets that are used to produce granulated sugar.

We must be careful with what we are eating, because there are people profiting from the diseases that occur because they create supposed medicines to treat symptoms, when the solution is to stop what causes it, and for people to stop eating this type of food.

Food in the a spiritual sense.

A young man who was a brave warrior, had done wonderful things with the help of God, was walking down a road, when a furious lion appeared to him and wanted to devour him. The power of God came upon this man, and with his own hands he killed the lion. Sometime later he went through the same place, found that bees had made a honeycomb inside the corpse of the dead animal. And the young man grabbed the honey and ate it. It takes the bees from 7 days to two months to produce the honeycomb wax. 1 kilogram of honey or the equivalent of two pounds takes 21 days to be produced. If this young man had been fasting, or alert, he would not have eaten the poison the enemy had prepared for him. The enemy realized that fighting hand to hand with this young man was not a good idea because he was going to lose. Then, changed the strategy. The enemy used the same strategy that had worked for him before, to make the man believe that he was in need of something, and that he was not who he thought he was, and made him doubt what God had told him. The enemy disguised as someone familiar, made the first man that ever existed eat something that first killed him spiritually, he gave him a poison that slowly killed him physically also. His words were those that carried that poison and together with the forbidden fruit, the man swallowed the enemy’s words loaded with iniquity, evil, injustice, lies, and twisted intentions. When the enemy gives you something, surely it is a poison, or a trap. This trap of eating dead things, led this young man step by step to fall very low. The most serious thing is that he took the honey from the dead body home, not only he ate contaminated honey but also gave it to his parents. The weird thing is that after having eaten that honey, that young man began to meet strange women, and to relate to them without stopping to evaluate his actions, and that was his downfall.

The same sin that you overcame, the enemy spices it up with something you like, because if the lion that sent you did not kill you because you were stronger then he appeals to kill you with your weak part. If the temptation he sent didn’t make you fall, he tries with something smooth, to gain your trust and attention. There are many people who have weaknesses in their mouths. They do not care what goes in or what comes out. If you’re not careful, your enemy is going to make your own mouth destroy you. And this is what happened with Samson, (Judges chapters 14-16)he was caught by the sweet words of harlot women, and his own mouth, got him in trouble by telling secrets that are not to be told. This way he was put into the hands of women who gave him into the hands of his enemies. The enemy is going to give you something so delicious that you won’t be able to say no, unless you are consecrated, or fasting. The young man was unharmed from the first attack because the power of God in him helped him to kill his attacker. Death represents separation, you separated yourself violently from something that was going to destroy you. But because that same thing has something that makes it attractive, and pleasant, it does not seem that it will hurt you because you have already defeated that attack. What you do not know is that that’s one more trap, to keep your defenses low. Since the enemy couldn’t kill you physically, he’s sweetening you to make you sin and kill your spiritual life slowly. Because if you are spiritually dead you are far away from God, therefore he won’t be able to strength you to resist temptation. Eating honey on a dead body represents having a relationship with a person who attracts us and seems nice but is spiritually dead. The lion is dead but has honey. Let’s see proverbs 7:21 in several versions, it is talking about the harlot woman, but this is not only about women. This is the way in which evil seductive spirits operate through both women and men.

Proverbs 7:21 With her persuasive words she draws him in, seduces him with her flattering lips.

She rendered him with her many soft words, seduced him with the flattery of her lips.

She brought him down with the great softness of her words, with the softness of her lips she persuaded him.

Proverbs 7: 5 so that they keep you from the strange woman, from the stranger who flatters with her words.

Proverbs 5: 3 Because the lips of the stranger (whore) drip honey, and her tongue is smoother than oil.

Psalm 12: 2 Falsehood each one speaks to his neighbor; they speak with flattering lips and with a double heart.

Proverbs 6:24 to get rid of the bad woman, the soft tongue of the stranger.

Your enemy seems dead but he’s sweet. There are foods that poison. And there are words that when you listen to them you begin to turn off the circuits of your spirit, they cause you a short circuit. Be careful who is speaking in your ear. There are people who have deceitful spirits in their tongues, don’t listen to just anyone. Do not eat of that, even if it is sweet, it is a dead body. I don’t want to talk nice and be spiritually dead. I don’t want to hear someone who talks very nice but is dead. Death is contagious. It is like a virus.

There are misfortunes that reach families and they do not understand where it comes from. But if they start to analyze what they have eaten, or what they have seen and heard, and spoken in the last days or months, perhaps they could find the answer. Eating contaminated things can represent receiving adulterated doctrines, being guided by worldly people such as worldly psychologists, humanists, professional motivators, coaches, actors, and artists that many times will incite you to do things that will take you away from the presence and plan of God. They will make you focus on trivial things, on sensuality and you will end up speaking the same language as them, and eating the same spiritual diet, therefore having the same spiritual diseases.

Man shall not live on bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. The human being is spirit and just as his body feeds and can also be contaminated so his spirit. It may be feeding on the word of God that gives life or it may be eating the word of other people, or other spirits that bring death. Don’t eat that!

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