Inherited Fears

Inherited fears

Have you heard of endemic viruses? They are viruses that have been many years among humans and have already become normal and part of our daily lives. Although they continue to cause harm and death, people see them as normal because apparently there is no way out or solution for such viruses.  Well, I want to tell you that there are endemic or inherited fears that have become an intrinsic part of humanity, and are so normal that sometimes they go unnoticed.

We are starting a series call “inherited fears”, today we are going to talk about the number one fear that takes away the sleep of many people.

1-Fear of rejection.

Every human being is born with the fear of being rejected. Since childhood we do many things to seek the affection and approval of others, without understanding what is the cause of this. As adults, some people steal, do fraud, and may incur gigantic debts to lead a luxurious life that they cannot afford, just with the intention to cause other people to admire and follow them. The reason for this fear of being rejected is in the following passage:

“For all have sinned and continually come short of the glory of God.”

Romans 3:23.

Because we were born with the virus of sin, subconsciously we feel rejected after losing our position as children of God we feel secretly rejected. How did we get there? Believe it or not, the errors we commit manage to affect and influence everyone who touches us, as well as the good actions we take to help others not only awaken the desire to help in those who see and receive them but indirectly help us to be more compassionate with each other. The fact that our first parents Adam and Eve gave in to the temptation to do the opposite of what God told them to do, makes us prone to do the same.

It’s in our DNA. Not only is it in our mind, it entered our spirit, the essence of who we are. What scientific proof do I have of what I say? Take notes… Everything we eat becomes part of us, what we eat after being digested enters our bloodstream, which is the fuel that moves and keeps alive each of our organs. What we eat has the ability to modify our DNA.

The human being is a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body, (I recommend you to read “Identifying the Source of our dreams” .

 The human being not only lives on physical food but also on spiritual food.  “Then the devil said to him, ‘If you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread.  Jesus, answering him, said, “It is written: Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.” Luke 4:3-4. The human being was created to feed on the word of his Creator. After losing communication and relationship with Him, humans began to feed on other words that did not bring them life but fear, insecurities, mockery and the opposite of the original plan.

If we evaluate the environment around us, when we read the news, scroll on social media, watch tv shows, listen to some music, watch videos and hear other people’s conversation, we are being bombarded by words that instill various fears. This shows that we not only feed on normal food but also on words. We operate guided by words as well as some smartphones are. Hence, we must be careful with what we hear.  So, if we evaluate the history of man’s fall, it was not just any fall. The human being not only sinned by deciding to listen to a voice that contradicted the word of his Creator, but he also ate something that was not made for humans to eat. By opening his ears and entertaining a conversation with an enemy, the human being was deceived, hence began developing the predisposition to listen to the advice of wrong people and take wrong paths that in turn bring terrible consequences.  Just because one person, crossed the established limits have caused all humanity represented in that man and woman, equally transgress the divine mandate and were all present and future humans destitute from the presence of God because already the evil they ate was in their blood and blood along with the poison they ate inside, it was to be inherited by all their children. We lost the right and privilege we had, all for one who was wrong. Now because of this many of us live in fear of rejection which implies fear of not being adequate, desire to impress others, fear of being alone, fear of not fitting in. Many are willing to do anything to be accepted. In our times many people are more focused on outer appearance than on the inside, and both parts are equally important.

Is there a solution to the fear of rejection?

There certainly is. When a person decides to seek and receive God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, he is accepted by God the Father, is no longer rejected, and regains his position in God’s presence as his unconditionally loved son or daughter. Therefore, that person does not have to live any longer in fear of rejection. Because God’s perfect love casts out fear.

If God is sovereign, why doesn’t He make everyone accept Him?

Just as the human being, owner of his/her own will, voluntarily decided to disobey, in the same way his/her will is free to choose to turn around and voluntarily return to their Creator. He loves them with an eternal love and is constantly looking for them and calling them to his fold but sadly many reject God to this day.

If you want to be free from the fear of rejection, say this prayer with me:

Heavenly Father, I ask You for forgiveness for my sins, I repent with all my heart, and I ask that You receive me as your child and make me free from the fear of rejection and the need to seek acceptance and approval from others. Make me a new creature and fill my life with you and your love, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

If you have said this prayer and need more information, you may write to the email address:

God bless you greatly today and always!

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