1st Dates gone wrong

The following are short stories from real life. Several dates that went very wrong. You may also comment on any date you had or heard about that went wrong. Let’s see.

1- Sweaty sabotage.

The girl and the boy were talking at the boy’s house, but suddenly the boy began to remove his shirt, and to sweat profusely. The horrified girl, didn’t know what to say, between telling him that she couldn’t go so far without getting married, or the uncomfortable sweating, told the boy that she had an emergency and had to go, and just left. 

2- Hiding from the public.

They were two university students hanging out in a dark place, the boy dared to open his zipper with who knows what intention. Although the girl liked the guy, she ran out of the place, because she did not see that as appropriate.

3- You are very popular

A dating couple were sitting on a park bench in front of the lake, a young woman passed by and yelled “hi John”, the visibly nervous young man said hi, and continued as if nothing had happened. Minutes later another young woman passed by and greeted . In less than an hour at least 6 women passed by greeting the guy. The young woman with whom he was on the date asked him, who were those, your friends? To which he replied, no, they are ex-girlfriends. The horrified young woman asked him why do they all pass through here, do they live nearby? The young man replied, no, they know that I always come to the same place …

4- Something embarrassing.

The girl used the bathroom of the boy’s apartment to do number 2, and then she realized that there was no water to flush the toilet, she in desperation grabbed the number 2 and threw it out the window, then she climbed out of the window to recover what was lost and she got stuck between the window and the wall, the firefighters had to come to free her from the double trouble.

5- When the aroma turns everything off.

The two lovers were very happy and excited, the atmosphere seemed perfect, the time had come for the first kiss, but when approaching to do it, the girl perceived a very bad breath 😷, and she was paralyzed, she did not know how to hide the discomfort . She did not want at all continue with that kissing attempt, so she discreetly just smiled and said, I’m running late, and as best she could, she left.

6- The wise man sees evil and walks away.

There was a couple of young people talking, a girl and a boy. The boy gaining confidence tells the girl that he had sent the last girlfriend he had to the hospital for a head injury during an argument, the girl kept listening for a few minutes and the date ended earlier than she thought. She told the guy that she had something to do and was going to call it the day. That was the last time they saw each other.

7- When something is uncomfortable , some people run.

A young man and a young woman did not know each other very well, so they went out to talk, the boy seemed very interested, he was childish in mind and had no children nor had ever been married. He asked her if she had children, to which the girl said yes and that she had been divorced.  The boy could show on his face, how shocked he was, and how out of place he felt. Then, he made up an excuse to leave. 

We do not know what happened there, because it is not a crime for someone to be a single mother or single father. Almost everyone has a difficult story to tell and each person should be treated with respect and empathy. I think the best thing that happened to that girl was getting rid of that person.

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