“How to identify an evil person”

There are many signals that evil people give, although they may disguise themselves as good people. Our inner sensor to detect evil, falsehood, and risks is intuition. Also called the sixth sense, it is the inner sense of our spirit that sends us warning signs which we must learn to identify to protect ourselves and our loved ones from evil people. To avoid dangers and other harms. I’m sharing only a few ways to identify dangerous or evil people. Pay attention, please…

Signs to look at to identify an evil person:

1- The phony one.

If the person acts kindly in front of other people but when they are alone with you, their true self comes out and they treat you abusively.

2- Light 💡 switch.

If when you are with this person you feel confused. It is a clear sign that they are manipulating you. Evil people manage to lie, and make us doubt even our own sanity.

3- Horror person

If you feel fear, or that sense that you are in danger when you are near that person.

4- The 🚨 alarm activator 

If you perceive in your stomach an uneasiness, a lump in your throat, anxiety, desire to leave when you are with that person, although you keep forcing yourself to think that everything is fine. That is your intuition telling you that you are with an evil person, even if your mind wants to deceive you by saying that you should stay there.

5- Energy thief

If when you come into contact with that person you feel that your peace is getting drained, that you can only see your own defects, and you have a subtle sense that you are being used, and abused. Something’s telling you that you are being taken advantage of, and you are loosing self- confidence.

6- Tale bearers

If he/she tells you private things about other people, it is very likely that they will also tell intimate things about you to others.

7- The bully

If that person seems happy about the misfortune of others, but they resent seeing others happy or succeeding. Also this person likes to make fun of everyone and anyone. They enjoy sarcasm. 

8- The accelerated one

When, without knowing you well, the person wants to give you too many details, or is trying to get too much information from you.Also when the person shows you too much affection too soon.

9- The flatterer

If their compliments more than pleasing you, they make you feel uncomfortable because they sound false, exaggerated, or sarcastic.

The only thing we can do when we identify an evil person is to walk away, since telling them that they are evil does not make sense and will not cause any positive effect.

“Don’t hang out with evil people or follow their bad example. Stay away from their company! Get away, and move on! These people don’t sleep until they do something bad; Don’t rest until you destroy someone! Instead of eating, he satisfies himself by committing evil deeds; Instead of drinking, he celebrates the violence he commits. “The life of good men shines like the morning light: it grows brighter and brighter, until it reaches its full splendor. The life of the wicked is the opposite: it is like a great darkness where they do not even know what they are stumbling over. »Dear young man, listen carefully to what I am saying. Record my teachings well, and do not stray from them, for they are a source of life for those who find them; they are the remedy for a better life. And above all things, take care of your mind, because it is the source of life. Don’t stoop by saying bad and indecent words. Always set your sights on what is to come. Correct your behavior, affirm all your actions. For nothing in this world stop doing good; Stay away from evil! “”

Proverbs 4: 14-27 NLT

“Do not befriend violent people, or hang out with those who get angry easily, lest you learn to be like them and fall into the trap yourself.”

Proverbs 22: 24-25 NBV

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