Things that cannot be forced

There are things in life that will never work even if we force them. On this post I’m sharing with you some of them.


We cannot trust someone who has not proven that they are trustworthy, even if they are related to you, it takes time to get to know a person. In the same way, we must give others time to trust us as long as we are trustworthy people. A trustworthy person listens without judging, loves without material interest, or ulterior motives. He/she does not speak ill of the other person,keeps the secrets that friends tell them, and he/she is there when they need them as much as possible.


A true friendship develops over time, we don’t have to force someone to give us their friendship, that won’t work. We cannot give space in our lives to people who only want to use us, and take information from us to use it against us. If we have to force someone to be our friend, then we will have a false friendship. Yes, there are good people, we just have to be cautious and patient when choosing friends.


If love has to be forced, it is not love, if to maintain a relationship with someone, whether as a couple, family, or friendship, you have to pay them, that is not a relationship, it seems more like a business, and a very dirty one. I have seen with sadness that there are families that have a relationship of interest with some of their members. Mothers, fathers, brothers and even children who manipulate other members of the family to obtain money, favors, or complicity in their wrongdoing. True love cannot be bought, manipulated, or forced. Love is seen in attention, with each act, showing sincere interest, with each sacrifice. If you have to force someone to show you some affection, to pay attention to you, to listen to you, to call you, to write back to you…the harsh truth is that you are in a difficult position. That’s is a heavy burden to carry. There are people who are not very given to showing affection, or to calling, and yet they love, perhaps they show love in a different way. But there are also people who do not show affection because they are empty and have nothing to give. If we have to force it, I doubt it’s love.

A healthy relationship:

You need two healthy people to have a healthy relationship. It is possible but we are exposed to all kinds of people. We all dream of the ideal relationship, where everything is sweetness and emotion, but there is a reality to face and that is that there are people who are not mentally or emotionally healthy, who have evil in their hearts, who are not happy nor want anyone to be happy. When someone is hurt they are going to hurt someone else. If we are in a relationship that hurts us, makes us feel alone, guilty, confused, used, and misunderstood, that is not a healthy relationship, and we may need professional help to get out.

I recommend you read my next topic “How to identify an evil person”.


For obvious reasons, it is not advisable or healthy to wear shoes smaller than our size, as it can cause blood circulation issues, sores, and blisters. If the shoes 👠👟 are very large, there is also the risk that they will leave us barefoot while walking, they may cause us to fall, or the shoes may bend. Apart from looking very bad, it is very uncomfortable just thinking about wearing shoes or anything that does not fit.


Respect is not required, it has to be earned. When you respect yourself and others, it is as if you had a sign on your forehead that says: “Be careful of what you are going to say.” When we behave with respect, and we speak only what is necessary, people will notice it, and they will know that in front of us, they will have to control their emotions, even without us speaking a word. “Do not waste your words on the fool, he will despise the wisest advice.”

Proverbs 23: 9 NBV


Loyalty is a virtue that few people have. It is the ability to maintain your principles, and respect for yourself and other people, even when they are not present, and without gaining anything in return. To gain loyalty from someone, you have to choose to relate to a person who has these virtues, because many may say they are loyal, but difficult times bring to light 💡 the virtues or defects that we carry within.

“The wise man sees danger and protects himself; the reckless one goes ahead and suffers the consequences. “

Proverbs 27:12 NBV

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