How to Spend Valentine’s Day If you are Single…

February 14th is a date that has apparently been destined for couples in love, but it is also for friends, and singles. Its origin comes from the birthday of a priest of the Middle Ages, and to honor the lives of two martyrs who died on that same day in two different years and both were called Valentine. One of those martyrs was celebrating secret weddings for young people, which was a crime at the time. It is also the Roman festival of celebration of Lupercalia, it was a festival in which the arrival of spring was celebrated. During that day they also honored fertility in which men and women were paired by means of a raffle or lottery. Each one look for their own!😉

Today, on this side of the globe, February 14th  is a commercial date, where many people make extravagant expenses, gifts to impress, dinners that sometimes they can’t afford, leaving them with unnecessary debts. So it doesn’t have to be a gray day for single people. Here I share several ideas of things you can do if you are single this February 14th. Personally, every day is special to me. I just enjoy that day with gratitude from my heart as I do every day.

How to spend the 14th of February if you are single:

  • Prepare your favorite dish or dessert.
  • Make yourself a homemade facial mask. I share with you the recipe for my favorite facial mask: 1- teaspoon of liquid milk. 1/2 teaspoon of honey. 2- drops of sweet almond oil, or olive oil. 1/4 teaspoon of collagen powder, or ground oats. Preparation: mix all the ingredients and apply to the face, neck and hands after washing and cleansing with a moisturizing toner, or apple cider vinegar mixed with distilled water. Lie down on the sofa on your back, listening to your favorite music (not bitter songs,please), leave face mask for 30 minutes, remove with cold water, gently rub an ice pack around the face, for 5 minutes.
  • Go to work, or do it from home as usual, prepare yourself mentally so that you are not affected by the gifts, cards, and flower arrangements that your co-workers and friends may get.
  • Listen 🎧 to good music and podcasts. I like to listen to worship music, audio Bible, and messages of the gospel, on that particular day I may listen to someone who encourages single people. Single people need to know that they are not one half of a person, that single means that you are a whole person, and you are able to meet another single person and form a relationship. Also you have the option to stay as you are and still love yourself and others, thrive and enjoy your life.
  •  If you like roses go to the store and give yourself a bouquet, caress them, smell them and enjoy them. If you like chocolates or any other treat, and you can afford it, get it and enjoy your treat. Give thanks to God for everything.

•Write on a paper or notebook 5 things for which you are grateful (a). 5 things that you have accomplished and that you are proud of. 5 things you have faith that will happen this year in your life.

  • Practice your favorite hobby, and work out.
  • Give yourself permission to do nothing if you want to spend that day off.
  • Volunteer, if you know a person or organization that needs help and you have the time, it would be a nice opportunity to serve, you will see how happy you will feel to be able to make somebody’s day.
  • Call friends, text, or meet with friends, family, or people who are cool.
  • Put on clothes that you like, dress up, or dress down well, love yourself, pamper yourself, be patient with yourself, and enjoy your day.
  • Feel free to go on a date with yourself at your favorite restaurant or place, you can set and decorate a beautiful table for one at your living room, backyard, or favorite space at home, and eat what you like best. You can do it before, during or after February 14th.
  • Write in a notebook 📓 things you have planned, projects that you left halfway through, and that you can make an action plan to finish them. For example, clean the closet, and donate what you don’t need, take a course to start an enterprise, finish those crafts that you left halfway, etc.
  • You can choose to rename your day, and say for example: happy friendship day. Happy freedom day, happy self love day.
  • Write yourself a love letter, telling yourself that you are very special to God and yourself, and all the beautiful words you would say to someone you really love. Forgiving yourself all your failures, and accepting yourself as you are now, while on the path of improvement and growth.
  • De-clutter: it has been scientifically proved that having a clean and decluttered space influence your mental and emotional well being. 
  • Avoid social media on that day, since you may find many posts of people showing their apparently “perfect day” that can make you feel unloved, or lonely. No, you are not lonely if you know that you have God and you have yourself. Many posts that we see on social media are just a put up show, very far from reality.

“Let love and loyalty always show like a necklace, and write them in your mind. God and people will like you and hold you in high esteem.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:3-4‬ ‭CEV‬‬

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