Rules for the first date II

In my previous post Rules for the first date part I, I shared some very important rules for the first date, and today I’m bringing the conclusion for this interesting topic. I hope this post will help you have a good laugh today, and to get ready for that special day when you go out with that special someone.
Rules for the first date II:
10- Do not express words of affection so soon, it is the first date, you are still getting to know each other, you have to control your emotions or you can scare the other person away, who could come to believe that you are desperate for affection, or even worse, they may think you’re a creep, or a dangerous person.

11- Do not talk about your traumas, or your sad stories, just talk about the things you like to do, hobbies, sports, places you would like to know, community causes or people with whom you identify with. You may talk about interesting things. Do not talk about controversial topics, or how bad you feel at work, this is not a time to criticize , or make fun of, or complain about anything or anyone. You could make yourself look as someone who is conflictive, whining, or in a great need of attention. Calm down, just generate interest, be interested and interesting, don’t give any sign of despair. If you need to vent about those sad things, please write it down on a notebook, talk with a professional counselor, or with a good friend, but not in a first date.

12-If you have to pray, do not hold hands, is a first date, you are not married, nor are you a couple, slowly …

13- If you sell any product or service please do not try to sell it to the person you are just dating, it is inappropriate and uncomfortable.

14- If you both are of the same faith … Do not tell spiritual experiences, don’t start a confessionary, neither lay hands on the person on your first date.

15- Do not lie, the only thing that will set you free is the truth, do not lie to impress, or just about anything, better say that you are not ready to talk about a certain topic at that time.

16- Please, don’t go missionary dating. Yes, you can pray before the date as you normally do. However, during the date is better if you pray only in your mind, if you have the opportunity, you can communicate the message briefly, but trying to convert them, or convince them of sin, it’s not your job. Let your life be the best message.

17- Please take a shower on that day, wash and iron your clothes, shine your shoes, wash your hair, clean your ears, cut, clean, and trim your nails, or get a manicure diy, brush your teeth and use peppermint or chewing gum, for a fresh breath, but chew it discreetly. You don’t have to buy new clothes, neither to be rich to dress clean and well combined. Hygiene makes people look more attractive. You may use deodorant and lotions normally. However, you may use perfumes gently, in case the other person might be allergic to some fragrances. Lack of hygiene is a very negative thing on the first date and throughout the length of any relationship. Sorry if am being too explicit, I know you may do all this already, but I am reminding it just in case someone may forget a little detail.

18- At the end of the date, do not rush to say that you want another date. You may say that you had a good time, and it depends on what the other person says, you can say that you would love to see the other person again, but do not anticipate, be patient, let  things run its course, please.

After the first date, if you decide that you are not interested in seeing the other person, or if you try to contact the other person and realize that they are not interested, don’t take it personal. Sometimes what seems like rejection is a divine protection. Just pray about it, wish that person the best, and follow your intuition, probably there were some red flags you ignored, but that’s just part of gaining experience. Hopefully your next date will be wonderful, now that you are getting ready, with the right tools. and you’ll be one step ahead.

“The [reverent] fear of the LORD [that is, worshiping Him and regarding Him as truly awesome] is the instruction for wisdom [its starting point and its essence]; And before honor comes humility.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭15:33‬ ‭AMP‬‬

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