Rules for the first date I

The topic of dating is very important to address, as the pandemic has caused us to be increasingly isolated from the people we care about. Whether we have been single for a short time, or for years, it is good to be ready for that special moment to be a success.

Here are 9 essential rules for the first date, which you could also put into practice for any date you may have with your future or current partner.

Take 📝 notes …

1- Invite in person if possible

2- You invite, you pay.

3- No physical contact beyond a torso-only hug, or handshake.

4- Ask only 3-4 interesting questions, it is not an interrogation. Do not ask anything very private, or uncomfortable. For example: what is your favorite food, what is your favorite hobby, how long have you been single, 3 things you like about yourself.

Why ask about your favorite food? Because if there is room for a second date, it would be a good idea to go to their favorite place, also to know how long they have been single is important because you realize that the person has been some time alone, or you will know if you are a potential rebound. You ask 3 things that the person likes about themselves because that way you will realize their level of self-esteem. Someone who likes things about himself/herself is likely to have healthy self-esteem. When someone has low self-esteem, they usually don’t like anything about themselves.

5- It is not a day pass: The duration should generally be 45-90 minutes, no more.

6-Go to a public place, dress discreetly.

7-Do not use drugs or alcohol.

8-It is a date for two, do not invite anyone else, do not talk about past relationships, to the best of your knowledge.

9a-Put the phone aside. Being on the phone is a sign of lack of interest, and will make you look absent and disengaged. Even if the person is boring, do your best to be present in the moment, away from your phone, unless is an emergency.

9b- Do not take selfies with the person, neither take surprise photos to show to your friends or to share on  social media. Do not post that you are at that particular place on the internet , nor anything about that date. Is still too early to post about being “in a relationship”, it is better to stay low-key.

In my next post which is the part 2 of Rules for the first date, I’ll be sharing more interesting tips on how to get ready for that special moment. Thank you for reading. I’m sending you a big hug!

“Without consultation and wise advice, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they are established and succeed.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭15:22‬ ‭AMP‬‬

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