Dreams Indicating Future Losses II

Dreams give us a diagnosis of what happens on the spiritual areas of our lives.

In the previous topic “Dreams that indicate future losses I”, I mentioned several dream scenarios that indicated future losses in the person’s life.

In this topic I will share more examples.

Dreaming about collecting coins: it is a dream that indicates misery and poverty that has been assigned to persecute that person. This may come as a result of bad decisions, inheritances of family miseries and poverty, having practiced idolatry and occult practices, witchcraft that someone sent you, among many other causes, but without a doubt it is the spirit of poverty.

Dreaming that something was lost or something was stolen: it shows  material, emotional, spiritual loss, someone wants to steal your peace, your spiritual gifts, someone has a plan to steal something valuable from you, you have to be alert, you have to cancel all designs or intent of the enemy,  to steal from you, make sure you do not owe anything, or that you have not steal  from anyone. If you have, you may repent and stop that practice, so you will not have outstanding accounts.

Dreaming dressed in rags or walking with someone who wears rags: This is revealing the presence of beggar’s spirits, misery and poverty in the person’s life. I n case you dream something similar, you have to evaluate where this comes from. Have you seen this in your family, or the area where you live in? Have you been to, or seen places where sacrifices were offered to idols? Have you been associated with the wrong people?

Dreaming that one or more teeth are falling out. It indicates a significant loss, economic loss, loss of the lives of loved ones, loss of opportunities, loss of rights. The teeth are part of our history and our inheritance, it depends on how many teeth fall out shows how big the loss would be.

We do not have to live in fear. Although dreams may indicate a warning from danger, it is not a death sentence. Our prayers and due diligence can cancel and nullify these and any kind of dreams that may indicate future losses.

Recommendations: 1-accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior. 2- Confess all known or unknown sins. 3-Give up all legal rights, covenants or agreements that you or your ancestors made with idols, or unclean spirits known or unknown. 4- Find a Christian congregation where deliverance is practiced, and where believers operate in spiritual authority, and  believe in the power of God to free captive souls. 5- Take time to study the Bible beginning with the book of John. 6- Have time for fasting and prayer. 7- Be free and remain free in the name of Jesus Christ.

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