Dreams that indicate future losses I

Dreaming that you are bleeding: Dreaming that blood comes out of your body is a sign that some disease wants to manifest itself to cause economic loss, loss of peace and general well-being. It also represents witchcraft, disease and death against you.

Dreaming that someone attacks you: It is very common that when the person is falling asleep, they feel that someone is attacking them, or chasing them. That means that on the spirit realm there is someone assigned to harm you, cause you losses. This not necessarily mean that you deserve it. This may be because you are fulfilling your purpose and doing things well. It can be caused by spells that someone is doing against you, revenge, spiritual debts left by your relatives, legal rights that the person gave with their words or actions. Evil influence caused by jealousy from someone related to a current or previous relationship.

Dreaming while eating or in a place where people are gathered: It is a sign that the person is unconsciously renewing covenants that their ancestors made with the kingdom of darkness. Or someone set you up to make you sick, that food is not what it seems in the dream, it might be snakes, dead meat and other despicable things that wicked people use to bind other’s souls. I have known several people who did not take these kinds of dreams into account and became seriously ill, lost financial resources, relationships, and much more. The worst thing is that because of ignoring this, some have already died.

Recommendations: receive Christ as your personal savior. To renounce and cancel the effect of all food eaten during sleep or awake, renouncing any word or action that has given the evil any right to attack you. Cancel any written or recorded act in the spiritual realm that speaks against you. Take time for fasting and prayer so that every spell, witchcraft, anything sent and any curse against your life is broken in the name of Jesus. In case you need it, seek help from a Christian ministry that practices deliverance.

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