Dare to get out

I have had many disappointments in my professional life. Unfortunately, some companies see employees as recyclable goods, but they are so wrong, because people is the most valuable asset at any place and company. There are people who do not value your time, your talent, nor your career, much less your loyalty and trust.

You have to dare to leave the place where you are used to, even if fear wants to paralyze you. You have to learn to leave that place where you are not valued. You have to learn to spend hours creating projects for the kingdom of heaven, not for empires of men. There came a time when I got tired of investing hours, sweat and blood in working for other people’s dreams where I was not being valued, I was not appreciated, only being used and misunderstood. I asked God to guide me to build his dream on earth , because I do not allow myself to continue wasting the most valuable things that he put in my hands, which are my life, my hours, and my talents. I got enough of it. I already understood that it is not about being in a prestigious organization, or in a place where you are popular. Life is not about trophies or titles that perish, but about being in the right relationship and position with God to receive his rewards. Because the world passes, and everything that is in the world passes and has an expiration date. The world passes along with its desires, but the one who does the will of God remains forever.

If you are in a place or position where you do not feel valued. Begin planning your exit and gathering the tools you need to start a project, a business, a career, or a new job. Time does not respect dreams, or anyone. You have to let go of what is hurting you, even if the process of letting go is painful. You won’t die on this transition if you put your hope in God. Your destiny will not come to you, you will have to reach it. Your business is not going to come to you, you will have to start working for it. Your healing is not just going to happen you may have to start changing habits, sleeping better, exercising, praying, working and believing for your miracle. The romantic partner you long for is not going to come to you, you will have to go for it. Passive people don’t even get water by fate. The kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and only the violent will take it by force. Only those with a violent faith fulfill their purpose. Only the violent take their position, they get what belongs to them, and if it doesn’t exist they will create it.

Let go of that discouragement, let go of that sloppiness, let go of that fear, let go of excuses, let go of conformism. Take hold of eternal Life, do not conform to this century and age, but rather transform yourself through the renewal of your understanding and pursue, reach, and destroy your spiritual enemies, your mental enemies, your emotional enemies. Make war against what makes war on you, confuse the confusion that is attacking you, cause the depression that haunts you to get depressed and go away in the name of Jesus Christ.

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