Let them get mad at you

 It happened after these things that his master’s wife looked at Joseph with desire and said: Lie with me. But he refused and said to his master’s wife: While I am here, my master does not worry about anything in the house, and he has put everything he owns into my hand. There is no one greater than me in this house, and he has refused nothing except you, for you are his wife. How then was I going to do this great evil and sin against God? And she insisted on Joseph day after day, but he did not agree to sleep with her or to be with her. But it happened one day that he went into the house to do his work, and there were none of the men of the house in there; then she seized him by the clothes, saying: Lie with me! But he left his clothes in her hand, and fled outside. And when she saw that he had left his clothes in her hands and had fled outside, she called the men of her house and said: Look, he has brought us a Hebrew to make fun of us; He came to me to sleep with me, but I screamed out loud. And it happened that when he heard me raise my voice and scream, he left his clothes next to me and ran outside. And she left his clothes next to her until her master came home. Then she spoke to him with these words, saying: The Hebrew slave that you brought us came to me to mock me; And when I raised my voice and screamed, he left his clothes beside me and fled outside. And it came to pass that when his master heard the words that his wife spoke to him, saying: This is what your slave did to me, his anger was kindled. Then Joseph’s master took him and threw him in jail, in the place where the king’s prisoners were locked up; and there he remained in jail”. Genesis 39: 7-20.

The above, although it seems like a script out of a movie, is a real-life story. Joseph’s boss’s wife wanted to sleep with him, and she insisted as much as she could, but Joseph maintained his position of not falling into such baseness, he did not allow himself to be manipulated, neither by words, nor by attractiveness, nor by threats from that woman. Although she lied against him and he was unjustly imprisoned, he did not open his mouth, neither defended himself against the accusations, or allowed them to fill him with bitterness. Joseph did not remain in jail forever, after several years he left jail to a position of greater authority than the job he had lost. Now he was second in command after the king of that country, if he had wanted, he would have sought revenge against the woman who slandered him and for whom he was unjustly imprisoned for many years, but he did not do it, he left the past behind, he forgave, and that is why he was able to prosper.

There are decisive moments in our lives, in which we will have to say no, regardless of the consequences. There are things that we are not going to do regardless of who suggests it to us. Setting limits to ourselves and controlling our body and our reactions is extremely important in those moments. We cannot allow anyone to enter our life or our bed, not everyone has to know our intimacies.

Our bodies were not made for all fashions. There are parts of our body specifically for one function, we cannot use it for another function without sufferings the consequences, like the man on the news, who died because he introduced a vibrator in his rectum, this device pierced his bowels and he got an internal infection from which he died 3 days later. Our ears were not made to listen to gossip, slander, or obscenities, or music that does not edify our spirit. The music that edify our spirit is worship music, for we were made to worship our Heavenly Father. Our mouth was not created to lie, nor to curse, nor to complain, but to praise the glory of God, and to announce the virtues of the one who called us out of darkness into his admirable light, his name is Jesus.

We will have to be willing for people to get angry with us, slander us, insult us, threaten us, or think what they want to think of us. When you say no to suggestions that are totally opposed to your principles, your values, ​​and whatever is contrary to the word of God, people are going to get mad at you. But, it doesn’t matter, get vaccinated against that, make sure you don’t mind that people get angry, or walk away, as long as you know that God is happy that you guard yourself, respect yourself, and show how much you love him,  by obeying him. And you are not afraid of human beings, neither their reactions.

There was a man interested in dating a young woman named Anny, he had evaluated that this young woman lived alone, had her own house, worked, and looked good, and was decent. This man began to offer her his unconditional help in trimming her trees, and whatever she needed, there was he. Well, it happens that one day Anny asked him why he was so nice with her, and told him that she did not want any more gifts that he was constantly offering her. This man replied that he wanted to be her owner.  He told her that he wanted to help her in everything around the house, and that he was willing to do all the favors that she wanted in order to be her protector. Anny got very angry and answered: -Tell me how much do I owe you, because my owner’s name is Jesus, and I will not sell myself to any man, I have been already bought at the price of blood. In all this time, I have wanted to pay you for everything you have done. You almost never wanted to accept because you thought you were going to have such an important position in my life for simple favors? You were wrong with me! I am not just anybody, nor a prostitute. My heavenly Father provides me with all things, I work honestly, I have no debts, and I do not need favors, nor anything else.I have money to pay for all the services I need. If one day I decide to have a partner, I will not do it because I need a man to help me, not because of sex, or loneliness, or despair, because Jesus Christ fills me in everything, and I do not feel alone, nor do I need those things. I will have a partner when I decide, and it will be to share my life with that king that I deserve because I am a queen. I was created to be a suitable help for a man, not for a man to help me. With those and many other words, the man was speechless, and Anny asked him, why don’t you say anything? To which that man replied that he could not speak, and let her speak, because he had nothing to say. And that was the end of that friendship.

You have to be willing to let people get mad at you, but do not allow that to hurt you, stand your ground, and make a determination to not let that affect you mentally, or emotionally. Do not allow people to see that what they say or do affects you. When you don’t let them use you, they may explode in rage. You most act calmly, and release the phone call, or leave the room if is possible. Do not worry about their opinions. People don’t have to run over us, nor invade our territory, unless we let them. Let them get mad at you, while you rejoice in God, and go on living for him.

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