Covering up of abuses in public school in Dallas

On March 27th 2018 I received the call of a very good friend of mine, who has a son in a public school named Mark Twain in Dallas Texas  it happens that the counselor of the school touched this child in private parts, and the child told  their mom, she as a mother reported it to the principal who was skeptical and obviously did not care, but after the mother’s persistence he had to report it to CPS. The mother called the police but they didn’t take the report because the child is a minor. CPS did no do anything about it, despite of the many annoying questions to this child and supposed “investigation” they closed the case few weeks later. Law enforcement did not do anything because they didn’t have enough proof even though the child had been interviewed several times even by forensic interviewers. The school principal (the same one who got the first testimony of the molested child in front of his mother and had called Child Protective Services on March 30th), when asked by the detective of the case if he knew about the case he said that the child never said anything about this abuse. The mother of this child took them to Dallas Independent School District where they were twice interviewed causing distress by having to refresh the mom and child’s memory of the disgusting event but they didn’t do anything either. The Mother went to the School Board Meeting and reported the event while being there she was approached by employees of DISD that promised her that they were going to do something about the case but they were all empty promises,they never answered her emails or voicemails. That person who I describe as a children predator is still within the school walls getting paid by our taxes, with an allowed license to abuse as many children as he pleases, and being protected by a failed institution and broken system.

My plead to parents:

Fathers and mothers take care of your children, ask them questions, this person and many others take advantage of their position of power to groom the children, many children out of fear never speak up. Be aware that there are some people at some public schools who are undercover sexual predators and they work with children, with a hidden agenda to abuse them, hurt them and distort their minds and bodies, they are criminals who have not yet been convicted, and If someone blow the whistle they have protection from “above” and nothing happens. Take care of your children, remove them from this places of darkness, run for your lives, it is good for us to pray, without any doubt God is first, and He is powerful,but we have a part to do, if you do not protect your children nobody else will.


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