Getting High on food

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There are many kinds of secret addictions that people use to camouflage pain, fear, feeling sad, stressed, burnt out from overwork, feeling worthless, rejected, guilty, unworthy, inadequate, or alone. Although there are foods that make you feel immediate well-being after eating them, many of these, although they taste good on the palate, do not have much nutritional value, and rather weaken our immune system, which is the body’s defense system to protect it from various viruses, and diseases. It is a reality that food is something that represents joy, sharing with loved ones, and life, but also for some people food is a temporary reliever for anxiety and pain.

I knew a lady with whom I worked, who ate every 1 or 2 hours, all day through our work shift she always had something to snack and something to chew on. Watching her eat in such a desperate way or listening to her chewing made me feel strange, I felt so much fear, I was shocked to see how anxiously she put the food in her mouth and swallowed it as if she were starving. Because although no one around us didn’t seem to noticed it, for me it was one of the first times I’ve ever been in front of someone addicted to food. It’s very sad to think that like her there are many people around the world getting high with food.

I am going to share several recommendations of things that people addicted to food can do if they want to be free of it:

1-Recognize that you have a problem that harms your health and you need help to get out.

2-Seek the necessary help from endocrinologists who are in charge of hormonal diseases, nutrition and metabolism problems.

3-Request help from mental health professionals to help you get to the root of your problem, express the things that are on your heart in order to process this problems.

4-Seek spiritual help by approaching God in prayer and seeking a Christian community to support you in your healing process. Being alone in this type of crisis is not good, therefore, it is best to keep in touch with family, relatives, friends, and brethren in the faith.

5-Walk, read, sing or practice your favorite sports.

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