When pain decides for you II


Part II

Showing Bianca interest everyday messages and phone calls. Love bombing, day and night until one night Bianca told this guy that she couldn’t do that. She was not ready for another relationship so soon, but her friend insisted offered Bianca wine, got her drunk and abused her sexually. The next day Bianca felt so dirty, dry, ashamed and empty that she couldn’t even look at this guy friend’s eyes. Out of the guilt and shame of the event of the night before, she accepted to get marry with this man she didn’t even love. All because she didn’t take time to deal with the pain of the heartache, didn’t get the proper professional help, neither wise counsel. Bianca found a predator who took advantage of her grief, and made get worse than she was before.  Because when we do not clean up the mess of our inner being the mess will follow us. What you don’t clean up will chase after you.  Several months later Bianca was still depressed, now involved in the financial mess of her “rescuer friend”, she realized that her friend just wanted a woman like her to help him financially since in his entire life he never made good judgement nor good investments.

After 4+ months Bianca decided to tell the truth to her now husband, she told him that she was tired of keeping up appearances, that she shouldn’t never marry him in the first place, that she is not responsible for his financial mess, his many children, his big bothersome family, and relatives, and that they both got married for the wrong reasons, so divorce was the best option. The friend began to manipulate her saying that he didn’t have a place to live, that he was embarrassed of going back to his family, and didn’t have enough money to rent a place. This and many other excuses to provoke pity and guilt in Bianca. Although she was an educated woman with a master’s degree, it was hard for her to tell that her long-time friend was playing games to use her and to stay in her house. Bianca began to talk with one of her aunts, and told her about the situation and her aunt asked her to break free from that abusive cycle and offered her help in any way possible. Bianca spoke with a lawyer and is getting the proper legal counsel to complete her divorce.  

Just as Bianca, many of us have made poor decisions and have allowed pain to decide for us. But is never too late if we talk with the right people.  Jesus said that if we come to him, he will not cast us out. Let us come to Jesus whenever we find ourselves in a situation that seems to have no exit.

“However, those the Father has given me will come to me, and I will never reject them”. John 6:37 NLT

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