When pain decides for you I


Parte I

Bianca, (not her real name) was going through a bad heartache. She just has broken up with the only man she had ever loved. There was so much pain in her heart after 8+ years of relationship and many broken dreams and promises were never going to come true. This man of her dreams has lied to her made her wait many years for marriage and never did anything. Now the relationship was broken beyond repair.

Due to this Bianca was falling into a deep hole of depression, low self-esteem, lack of purpose, loneliness and failure. Some nights she would cry herself to sleep. Other nights she would stay up until very late, her hormones were working against her causing her premature hot flashes, among other horrible symptoms that would make her feel lost and fearful. She would play a movie on her head that says what if, what if she dies, what if she has a bad illness, her deep depression answered her, “don’t worry nobody cares anyway”. In the midst of her desperation, she found an old male friend she met during her teenage years, on social media, and began to talk. Then Bianca told this old friend that she was going through a hard time and this friend showed real interested and at the same time challenged her to get out of that state as if this was so easy without the proper help. This supposedly friend have had a very disorganized life. Multiple children with different women, unstable jobs and poor financial choices. Unbeknownst to Bianca this “friend to the rescue” of her was planning the perfect plot. To marry Bianca and “rescue” her from her heartache and from the depression and the rest of the mess. How would he do that? The rest of the story in Part II of “When pain decides for you”.

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