There is light after the darkness.

The day begins at 6:00 pm, that was God’s design to show us that there is light after the darkness.  In the natural or physical realm, women’s intuition is more developed that men’s so they may be able to identify something suspicious, hypocrisy, lies, etc. In the spirit realm, women who have a relationship with God and have been born again, can also, sense, see, perceive, and identify evil with greater capacity, and they can rebuke and paralyze the works of evil. Intuition is the ability of human’s spirits to smell, see, hear, taste, perceive what is happening in the spirit realm while dreaming, being completely awake, praying, or just by paying attention. The seed of the woman was going to be our Lord Jesus, from the beginning it was prophesied that he was going to crush Satan’s head. The seed of the serpent which is iniquity is at war against Jesus’s followers, or his church until today. So, even the church symbolically is a bride waiting for her bridegroom (Jesus) to come back for the weeding. In the beginning because the first woman made a mistake, by listening to the wrong voice, and was hypnotized by the serpent, God equipped her now with more spiritual discernment than ever and the ability to identify and resist the enemy. Women passed from being sheep to being lionesses to overcome darkness along with the lion of the Juda tribe, who is Jesus. The first man Adan was destitute for disobeying God’s mandate. Now, the latter Adam, Jesus was position in a place of eternal authority for obeying God the Father and for loving his church and for giving his own life for her.

So, women that have a relationship with God through Jesus, do not have to be deceived by the enemy, but now women can live in freedom and knowing who they are in Christ, dressed up with the full armor of God. In all this we see that there is light after darkness. The fact that we got off to a bad start does not determine our end. If we love God and walk according to his purpose, all things will help us for good.

To watch the entire message click below:

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